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Dog Training diaries

Proven Expert Tips & Tricks to Live in Harmony with Your Dog

Tom's Story

I’ve been a dog trainer for 40 years in New York City and Martha’s Vineyard.  About 60% of the calls I receive are for behavior problems.  Training might mean preventing one dog from urinating in the dining room and teaching another dog to do search and rescue for missing people.   I train by catering to the needs of what will work most humanely, effectively and quickly-- in that order. 



Susan Wilson,

New York Times bestselling author

Part memoir, part tell-all, and a fully no-nonsense handbook, Tom Shelby's Dog Training Diaries is a must have for anyone with a dog. These stories are little gems and lend insight not only into Shelby's expertise in training dogs, but into the human experience.

Jamie Kageleiry,

associate publisher of

The magic of Tom's advice for dog owners is that he not only has the expertise to guide us in all our canine conundrums, but he is a master storyteller, so even those among us without dogs (I know—it's hard to imagine) enjoy reading his tales of training.

Brian Kilcommons,

internationally-recognized animal trainer

Tom Shelby’s decades of experience with teaching dogs and people shines through in Dog Training Diaries. A hybrid of dog and people psychology makes this a fun and informative read.

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