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Dog Training

Great Stories,

Not A Training Manual!

ebook aVAILABLE EARLY July 2024


     This book details Shelby's discovery of the perfect job: training dogs, and the harder part, training their owners. With no advertising, referrals brought him about 800 training appointments a year. He worked with owners from all walks of life, from Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock to UN ambassadors. Shelby's done it all. From emboldening the frightened Toy Poodle to teaching the friendly German Shepherd to protect his owner who had a crease in his forehead from an attempted robbery, Shelby's stories will keep you wanting more. In addition to the engaging and sometimes riveting stories, you will hear about the loving bond that Shelby forms with his own dogs. A bond that allows them to do amazing things. You will also be captivated by the stories of search and rescue. On a voluntary basis, Shelby taught two of his dogs to find missing people.

     Your midsize dog has around two hundred million olfactory cells in her nose, while we "two-leggeds" have about five million in our noses. When taught properly - whether they're looking for missing people, whale scat on the ocean bottom, or edible mushrooms - dogs are the best searchers on the planet. Shelby's dog, Michelle, found two people alive and several not alive. It was easy for his Doberman, Mikey, to track a woman eleven miles. The hardest part was trying to cover those eleven miles behind Mikey.

     The reader of this book doesn't have to be a dog owner or dog lover to appreciate these stories any more than a lover of murder mysteries has to be a murderer. Suffice it to say, Mark Twain was right when he said, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

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