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Tom Shelby stopped by the studio with his dog Paul Jean to share some tips with Paula Ebben and Liam Martin.

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Theory of Pets Podcast

TOP #64: A Guide for Leash Training Your Dog

By Samantha Randall -  Nov 6, 2018

Training your dog is a crucial part of pet ownership. One of the first and most important aspects of it is dog leash training. But with so many tips, tricks and advice out there, and different methods and techniques to approach leash training a dog, owners are often confused about which path to take for best results.


In today's over an hour long podcast, I spoke with an experienced dog trainer Tom Shelby, author of the book “Dog Training Diaries“. Tom calls himself a “depends trainer,” because his approach to canine training is based on the fact that there's no one size fits all and it must be adjusted based on the individual dog, the environment and many other variables. This is something I can relate to, and so we discussed in-depth leash training a dog based on his unique methods and what pet owners can do by themselves.




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Dog-Eared Pages



Shelby is a proud and hugely satisfied veteran of the effort to harmonize the mutually dependent relationship between mankind and canine kind. He’s trotted dogs in front of Westminster Dog Show judges. He has particular experience training and working with search-and-rescue dogs. He’s taught their owners how to keep “celebrity pups” in line. And he keeps more than 800 $265-an-hour training appointments annually with dog owners whose myriad dilemmas are never new to him. 




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Vineyard Bookshelf: Dog Training Diaries


Dog Training Diaries dives in and starts right away addressing all the basic issues that confront first-time and long-time dog-owners alike: pulling on the leash during walks? Overly-enthusiastic greetings (to humans and other dogs)? Unbearable separation anxiety? Crate training? Food anxiety? Uncontrolled barking? Rolling around in the filthiest mystery-goop imaginable? Shelby addresses it all.




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